A Glimpse of Lost Memories In an Australian Shepherd Calendar Series


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Choosing a favorite photo could be challenging, but once you've made a decision we will enlarge to your size and send.

Custom Calendars

Send us your photos of your past or current pets to adore each month and we will make your calendar.

Service Dogs

We ALSO have a picture collection of aussies in medical and military service.

Antique Picture Calendar
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These pictures display all types of people and places with their aussies.

Calendars may take up to 7 days to arrive.

  • Aussie Calendar 2017

    About Us

    Our love affair with the Australian Shepherd started many years ago and turned into a past-time of finding antique photos of the breed. Over the course of 10 years, we've collected hundreds of photos from before the Civil War to the late 60's. We have decided to share these beloved aussies with you. Although some photographs have no name or place, the main theme is their affection for these now Long Gone Dogs!

    Antique photos | Aussies | Collection

  • 1926 Birthday/Greeting Card

    Greeting card sold in Mom and Pop grocery shops throughout the United States.

    Old Postcard featuring Australian Shepherd

    1926 Postcard
  • Calendar back

    Sneak Peak

    Here's a quick view of the images you'll see from month to month in 2017. Enjoy them now, they won't be used in our calendar series again!

    2017 Calendar Back

  • Dedicated to Konan

    Dedicated to Konan

    Gone from our lives but not our hearts.